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The Venetian Walls: UNESCO World Heritage

Living in the surroundings of Bergamo means not only being able to enjoy its wonderful hilly landscapes that, in every season, are painted with different colors but also having within reach some of the legacies of the past that make…

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Three Sacred Monsters in Bergamo

In the central and most prolific phase of his literary career, Gabriele D’Annunzio, known as “Il Vate,” published “Elettra” in 1903, a collection of poems previously published here and there. By this time, D’Annunzio had embraced Nietzsche’s superman philosophy. The…

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Interview with a real estate agency owner

– If you could go back, would you choose this professional path again, or would you discard it? – Aside from figures like Einstein, Picasso, Karajan, the “predestined,” all of us could probably do something else if we went back.…

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Alma residence

– And how is your agency doing? – I can’t complain. Of course, it could always be better… – You’re a kind person, but, wow, you’re determined. – I wasn’t like this in the beginning, believe me. You know how…

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Global house prices

Global house prices Our interactive guide to bricks and mortar across the world   PROPERTY is as safe as houses, at least until the roof falls in. Our latest tally of global housing markets shows that American house prices have…

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Bergamo real estate agency

The real estate crisis is over, and it’s the best time for those who want to buy a house Real Estate Agency Bergamo – The real estate crisis is over, and it’s the best time for those who want to…

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